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officer update Oct 12 2017
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Thursday  October  12, 2017
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4:00pm President honored at Walled Lake Western Pink Out Game
5:00 Farmington Harrison School of Excellence Event
5:30pm Detroit Public School Community District Mobile Conference

9:00am Detroit Public School Community District Mobile Conference

10:00am President's Webinar

 Advocacy Day Canceled
Tuesday Oct. 17th, 2017

Michigan PTA has canceled Advocacy Day on Tuesday October 17th .  Due to everyone's busy schedule we do want to give you the opportunity to join Michigan PTA for the first ever Virtual Advocacy Day over the phone on October17th!  More details will be announced so keep an eye on your emails! Thank you to those who supported the effort to join us in Lansing.
Weekly Newsletter

Why are Assessments Necessary?
Tests and assessments preform many important roles in the education process. They can help students, parents and teachers know what a student has learned and what they still need to study. The results of assessments can inform a teacher’s lesson plans or identify achievement gaps in subgroups of students. School districts and states use assessments to evaluate whether they are meeting their goals and if students and schools are receiving necessary resources. Overall, assessments can be a good thing and can enhance our children’s learning. However, poor quality, misaligned and redundant tests serve no benefit and add to the “over-testing” perception. This newsletter will focus on what high quality assessments should look like. 
What is Michigan PTA’s position on Assessments?
In their position statement, National PTA states that they “believe high quality assessments provide valuable information to parents, students, teachers and school leaders”. Michigan PTA stands behind this position and echoes the need for assessments to be “high quality”. We also share the view that neither one test nor a single data point should be used as the sole determinant of academic success. Assessments are one of many tools that can enhance a student’s learning.
PTA supports yearly state assessments in grades 3-8 and once in grade 11, for math and English language arts. We also support state grade span testing for science and social studies. High quality interim assessments that measure growth, are aligned with academic standards and provide valuable feedback to teachers, are also important. For National PTA’s complete position statement on assessments, please refer to the resources sections
What High Quality Assessments Should Do
  • Eliminate teaching to the test by mirroring what the student has studied and learned in the classroom.
  • Identify student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide timely results so that teachers and students can use them to inform teaching and learning
  • Measure critical thinking skills and pinpoint more accurately what students actually understand
  • Be aligned to college and career ready standards
  • Measure student growth over time
What Some New High Quality Assessment Systems Look Like
Computer Adaptive Test: In this online test, successive questions are linked to the answer to the previous question. If a student gets the previous question wrong, the next question is slightly easier and likewise, if the student gets the question correct, the next question is slightly more difficult.
  • These assessments more accurately show the students strengths and weaknesses and more accurately pinpoint what a student knows
  • Successive results are also a good indication of a student’s progress and growth
  • As an Online Test, results are often available within days to weeks, rather than months
Summative State Assessments: These tests administered by the state must be aligned to the state academic standards. Under the new ESSA law, these standards must be College and Career Ready. Many states, including Michigan, are utilizing online testing and Computer Adaptive testing.
Interim and benchmark assessments: These assessments are provided either by the state or district. To be useful, results should be available within a few days to a week. These assessments are intended to provide opportunities for early intervention
Formative Assessments and Academic portfolios: Formative assessments are happening all the time in the classroom and consist of observations, homework, projects and the like. Many educators agree that formative assessments are the most accurate and useful assessment of student performance. Unfortunately, they are not standardized to be used across a large group like summative assessments are. Portfolios, on the other hand, use formative assessments, along with test scores to provide a more comprehensive and consistent set of results. These are being used more and more in districts as a form of summative assessment.

References and Resources to use now
PTA Assessment Fact Sheet
PTA Position on Standards and Assessments
PTA Guidance on Assessments
The Great Testing Debate
An Academic Checkup Video
Achieve Assessment Resources


Have Questions About Standards of Affiliation?

Don't Miss Michigan PTA's
Standards of Affiliation DAY!
November 11, 2017 
Need questions answered about your 990 Form, EIN number, Audit, Bylaws and all the other standards of affiliation for your local unit?
Then this day is for you! 
Get your questions answered by Michigan PTA board of director members. 
Submit your documents in person! 
More details to be Announced soon so watch your next update
Remember Saturday November 11th is

MIPTA Celebrating 100 Years in 2018!

Michigan PTA is celebrating it's Centennial in 2018!  Here's fun fact number 32 from Michigan PTA History:

32. What year did the National Congress of Parents and Teachers along with the United States Offices of Education hold a National Homemaking Conference.


Clarification about credit card charges through MemberHub

There have been questions from those who are looking at the transaction reports in MemberHub and wondering if there is a mistake or are my transactions off in MemberHub by a few pennies? (This pertains to when a member goes in to pay for their membership through MemberHub or for any money transaction that is processed through MemberHub.) The answer is yes you are seeing a transaction that shows the allocation less than the 100% of money you expect and that difference is returned to you at the end of the cycle. You do receive all of your money. MemberHub and Heartland have a payor absorbed fee model. This model was selected to allow organizations to receive 100% of the money they are collecting and still offer the convenience of online payments to their members.
A current limitation in the Heartland software causes a rounding error when this fee model is used and there is a percentage and flat rate included.  Here is an example of what happens:

$10.00 Base +3.5% (35¢) + 50¢ =$10.85
$10.85 * 3.5% = 38¢ + 50¢ = 88¢
$10.85 – 88¢ = $9.97

When this payment is broken up for disbursement, the 3.5% is applied to the $10.85 which causes the 3.5% to be on a larger number so $.88 in fees are removed causing your deposit to be $9.97 instead of the full $10.00. Until Heartland releases a software upgrade in Summer 2018, all pennies will be batched, combined and deposited monthly into your account as a true up.

To read further information on this topic click the link below

Here's how to get Memberhub Help....
Please continue to submit your requests/help tickets to Not only do they want to assist you with any issues you may be having but they are looking into the feedback given, for potential updates to the system, that would be most beneficial to you.

Just click on the Help button in the lower right corner on your memberhub dashboard it looks like this:  
Then you'll see a chat box open and you can get help right away! 


Good standing documents upload link in MemberHub (990, budget, audit, bylaws) has been fixed.
If you have any difficulties with that upload link please email If you've already sent your good standing documents to the state office, we will make sure that gets logged into MemberHub.
View Memberhub Start Up Video Here
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